New Artwork!

2010-04-12 21:34:59 by darthnebula

Hey guys, still working on my next movie which I promise will be way better than the previous one which was just a test as I have no animated in years. Any who, take a gander at my new artwork at this link --> HOTBITCHES! and please vote or comment! I'd like to see what people think and if they have any advice on my work at all, thanks!

Next art piece is gonna be Goku vs Sailor moon! its going well far

New Artwork!


2010-03-12 23:24:53 by darthnebula

Well my new movie Left4fulp went ok-ish, I haven't animated in years instead spending more time on Photoshop n such ARTWORK , Left4Fulp was more a test movie to see if I could even animate so it was not the best movie I could have made which I fully admit but it was fun. My next project will be a lot better and is plodding along well enough. In the mean time check out my artwork which shows how my art is slowly getting better with each picture.

Please (comment / rate / vomit on) any of the pictures!

Take care all !

New Movie!!

2010-02-21 11:38:40 by darthnebula

It has been 8 years ish since my last movie but I finally worked my way through a new one!
I decided to do homage to newgrounds itself and some L4D as im addicted to that game.


First time I have ever used another voice actor in a movie too and loved it, worked with Nakoruru who is crazy talented and very professional.

New Movie!!

Almost finished

2010-01-29 23:19:40 by darthnebula

My first animation in about 8-9 years, In that time I visited Canada ended up married and immigrating and have been there since.
About 2 years ago I start drawing again trying to get my artwork allot better and have entered a few of the newground art cotnests too.

Left4Fulp was originally meant to be left4Zoey a parody sketch but thats been done so Ive mixed it up and done a L4D/Newgrounds comedy. And after hours of working away its almost there, I still need to lay down my vocals for Stamper and JohnnyUtah but after watching all their animations I realized being British it was never going to sound like them so I'm just going for a more generic sound instead.

The Basic premise of the movie is a neglected P-Bot runs out of power leading to a catastrophe! at the newgrounds building (Which I stalked out on Google Streetview)
I was originally going to post this as under a new username to hide from my previous shitty work but decided not to hide from my shitty past lol

Tom if you read this and arnt pissed at me after the flash movie hopefully you will let me change my username, its no longer relevant anymore!

Hope I finish this damn soon ! im getting allot of wife aggro !

Almost finished


2010-01-15 15:10:57 by darthnebula

Ive been way fucking lazy with my new animation I was doing a whole L4D comedy sketch thing but its been done so many times Ive changed it to a Newgrounds/L4D flash.
And of course getting my PC working again is pretty important too, Hopefully I can keep my shit going so I can get this finished, ive not done a flash in YEARS!!...seriously..YEARS!



2009-07-05 00:12:17 by darthnebula

Its been 8 years since my last submissions and I'm back..almost..with Left4Zoey parody Movie, he is the image for the loading screen I created. Still trying to find a voice for Zoey if I dont find one Ill just use my wife for that special "Why the hell are you making me do this" tone!

Im actually drawing everything for once also instead of just dragging in a photoshop image and F**king it hard untill it seemed funny. Plus also the sound will actually be synced with the movie how fun is that !

Just finishing up the script and and drawing out the characters at the moment, Im pretty excited as ive not completed a movie in so long!!!

I was actually going to post movies under a whole new username and abandon my old work totally but I think its better to come back to contrast my old work againts the new shtuff. Hey TOP PLEASE CHANGE MY USERNAME TO GRINDOLF FROM DARTHNEBULA!!!...seriously what the hell is Darthnebula anyway I dont even get it !


Flash ReStart

2009-06-20 17:36:01 by darthnebula

Its been 8 years since my last flash submission and since then I have only entered a few Art Competitions on Newgrounds but I have decided to get off my ass and actually start making submissions again!!

If anyone is interested I am looking for voice actors as I used to do all the voices myself which I think is now a little pretentious. How ever As I have no idea exactly what type of flash I am going to make (Its probably going to be short and funny) I will let you guys message me on here with character ideas and the voices you'd like to do and Ill just join the dots until I find something insane enough to spawn hilarity or just become depressed and down a bottle of Vicodin.

Wish me luck !!